Friday, August 3, 2012

Stans NOTUBES Demo 7.28.2012

The Tree Farm Relay race was a great opportunity to showcase Stan’s NOTUBES tubeless kit. The relay event is comprised of racers in every class, mountain bike enthusiasts and general bike-liking people who want to participate in a fun atmosphere. Brian cleaned and prepped the surface of a Stan’s rim(which already had tape installed) before mounting the valve stem and removing the core.

Once the tire was installed on the rim it was quickly inflated to set the bead.

The next step was to fill the tire cavity through the valve stem with 2oz’s of Stan’s sealant.

Once this was completed the valve core was replaced and the tire was re-inflated. With a couple swishes & shakes of the wheel the fluid sealed the bead. A few pokes with a sharp object for demonstration purposes were quickly sealed with minimal air loss. It was so simple to install this kit Brian’s helper had time to enjoy a quick snack.

Each member of our four man relay team had raced on Stan’s rims which were setup tubeless and they all worked flawlessly as we’ve come to expect from Stan’s products.

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