Friday, August 3, 2012

Stans NOTUBES Demo 7.28.2012

The Tree Farm Relay race was a great opportunity to showcase Stan’s NOTUBES tubeless kit. The relay event is comprised of racers in every class, mountain bike enthusiasts and general bike-liking people who want to participate in a fun atmosphere. Brian cleaned and prepped the surface of a Stan’s rim(which already had tape installed) before mounting the valve stem and removing the core.

Once the tire was installed on the rim it was quickly inflated to set the bead.

The next step was to fill the tire cavity through the valve stem with 2oz’s of Stan’s sealant.

Once this was completed the valve core was replaced and the tire was re-inflated. With a couple swishes & shakes of the wheel the fluid sealed the bead. A few pokes with a sharp object for demonstration purposes were quickly sealed with minimal air loss. It was so simple to install this kit Brian’s helper had time to enjoy a quick snack.

Each member of our four man relay team had raced on Stan’s rims which were setup tubeless and they all worked flawlessly as we’ve come to expect from Stan’s products.

Tree Farm Relay 7.28.2012

The Tree Farm Relay took place this past weekend at Lakeshore Park in Novi, MI. Some much needed rain fell the night before the event making the conditions for the early riders a bit slick in spots, especially across the wooden bridges, but once a couple laps were in the traction was great. Bryan Deal once again was the first on our four man team to battle his way through the Le Mans style start and get us in a good position. The lap two transition is always hectic due to the amount of riders coming through at the same time attempting to pass the lei between teammates. The typical fumbles, tip overs and crashes occur at this point but Bryan & Brian Brown made a clean hand-off. Brian rode a mistake-free lap while Brandon warmed up and waited anxiously to take off. Another good lei pass and Brandon was soon out of sight. I was the anchor and was watching the clock and estimating when I would need to be ready. I pedaled in circles in the grass around the EZ-UP’s that were strewn across the infield of the park. And then I asked about the time. And then I did more laps. And then I asked about the time. And I waited thinking to myself it seemed like an exceptionally long time for Brandon to complete his lap. He finally came through and I rolled slowly waiting for the hand-off like we had discussed. I heard Brandon blurt out something about a mechanical but I was focused on moving forward so I waved to Chrissy & Marley as I rolled past our pit and off into the woods. I found that most of the people I would encounter were courteous to give me room to go by. My HR was higher than the zone I normally like to race in so I tried to manage that on a trail that doesn’t allow for much of a break and has a tendency to waste a lot of energy because of the constant switchbacks and obstacles. I finished my lap without any issues but I can’t say the same for Brandon. His chain broke about mid-way through his lap and soon after recovering from that he caught a tree root with his pedal and his momentum threw him over the bars and flat on his back. That’s his story. I think he had six too many shots at the tiki station and took a dirt nap on the backside of the crater.