Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fried Melons With a Side of Dirt @ Lumberjack

Adam, Bryan, Lee & Scott geared up and clipped in to take on the challenging 100 miles and brain boiling heat of the Lumberjack 100 this past weekend. The day started off well with fantastic course conditions as the team chipped away at their goals to tame the 100 mile beast. By lap two, the tires of the 400+ riders began to unearth sand and roots hardly noticeable the lap prior as the course conditions deteriorated. Heat and hydration not only a became significant factor of performance but, made completing the distance a feat which fell out of the grasps of many. Unfortunately, including two of the PrecisionMTB team members. Lap three was combination of survival, mental fortitude and concentration to navigate the now significantly compromised trail and battle the oppressive heat and humidity. After a solid effort by all, those that were able finished and collect their finishers patch were covered head to toe in dirt and dust and wore beaming smiles of accomplishment over a hard fought battle.

Adam Wheeler - 10th SS - 7:54
Scott Simpson - 37th Open - 7:56 (First 100)

Scott and Adam post race:

My race in detail @ myblog.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mohican 100

This past weekend marked the third showing of PrecisionMTB at the always challenging Mohican 100. Contrary to the weather predictions, the weather held and course conditions were better than expected. The field was a 600+ record size and the competition was fierce as ever. Bryan Deal and Adam Wheeler took on the challenge and left with a few bumps and bruises, some good stories and a great sense of accomplishment. The Mohican course, post race party and event in general never fail to impress.

Team Results:
Adam Wheeler - 13th SS 100 mile
Bryan Deal - 209th Open 100k

Full Results

100 mile race report @ my blog

The Start. Photo Credits Ryan O'Dell & Cyclingnews.com

Our Accommodations. Cozy Cabin #8 @ Mohican Adventures

Wheeler Post Race. Rumored to have required use of his bike as a crutch.

Thank you to all of our sponsor and families for making events like this possible.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hanson Hills XC 6/3/2012

It rained up north for three nights and two days, NON STOP. I woke up Sunday morning to overcast skies and most importantly no rain. I had a bike that wanted to be ridden so I went to Hanson, in a drizzle. I signed up 20 minutes prior to my start and rushed to change. First lap- 2nd place. Second lap- 2nd place. Third lap, one mile from the finish- NĂºmero UNO.