Friday, August 3, 2012

Stans NOTUBES Demo 7.28.2012

The Tree Farm Relay race was a great opportunity to showcase Stan’s NOTUBES tubeless kit. The relay event is comprised of racers in every class, mountain bike enthusiasts and general bike-liking people who want to participate in a fun atmosphere. Brian cleaned and prepped the surface of a Stan’s rim(which already had tape installed) before mounting the valve stem and removing the core.

Once the tire was installed on the rim it was quickly inflated to set the bead.

The next step was to fill the tire cavity through the valve stem with 2oz’s of Stan’s sealant.

Once this was completed the valve core was replaced and the tire was re-inflated. With a couple swishes & shakes of the wheel the fluid sealed the bead. A few pokes with a sharp object for demonstration purposes were quickly sealed with minimal air loss. It was so simple to install this kit Brian’s helper had time to enjoy a quick snack.

Each member of our four man relay team had raced on Stan’s rims which were setup tubeless and they all worked flawlessly as we’ve come to expect from Stan’s products.

Tree Farm Relay 7.28.2012

The Tree Farm Relay took place this past weekend at Lakeshore Park in Novi, MI. Some much needed rain fell the night before the event making the conditions for the early riders a bit slick in spots, especially across the wooden bridges, but once a couple laps were in the traction was great. Bryan Deal once again was the first on our four man team to battle his way through the Le Mans style start and get us in a good position. The lap two transition is always hectic due to the amount of riders coming through at the same time attempting to pass the lei between teammates. The typical fumbles, tip overs and crashes occur at this point but Bryan & Brian Brown made a clean hand-off. Brian rode a mistake-free lap while Brandon warmed up and waited anxiously to take off. Another good lei pass and Brandon was soon out of sight. I was the anchor and was watching the clock and estimating when I would need to be ready. I pedaled in circles in the grass around the EZ-UP’s that were strewn across the infield of the park. And then I asked about the time. And then I did more laps. And then I asked about the time. And I waited thinking to myself it seemed like an exceptionally long time for Brandon to complete his lap. He finally came through and I rolled slowly waiting for the hand-off like we had discussed. I heard Brandon blurt out something about a mechanical but I was focused on moving forward so I waved to Chrissy & Marley as I rolled past our pit and off into the woods. I found that most of the people I would encounter were courteous to give me room to go by. My HR was higher than the zone I normally like to race in so I tried to manage that on a trail that doesn’t allow for much of a break and has a tendency to waste a lot of energy because of the constant switchbacks and obstacles. I finished my lap without any issues but I can’t say the same for Brandon. His chain broke about mid-way through his lap and soon after recovering from that he caught a tree root with his pedal and his momentum threw him over the bars and flat on his back. That’s his story. I think he had six too many shots at the tiki station and took a dirt nap on the backside of the crater.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fried Melons With a Side of Dirt @ Lumberjack

Adam, Bryan, Lee & Scott geared up and clipped in to take on the challenging 100 miles and brain boiling heat of the Lumberjack 100 this past weekend. The day started off well with fantastic course conditions as the team chipped away at their goals to tame the 100 mile beast. By lap two, the tires of the 400+ riders began to unearth sand and roots hardly noticeable the lap prior as the course conditions deteriorated. Heat and hydration not only a became significant factor of performance but, made completing the distance a feat which fell out of the grasps of many. Unfortunately, including two of the PrecisionMTB team members. Lap three was combination of survival, mental fortitude and concentration to navigate the now significantly compromised trail and battle the oppressive heat and humidity. After a solid effort by all, those that were able finished and collect their finishers patch were covered head to toe in dirt and dust and wore beaming smiles of accomplishment over a hard fought battle.

Adam Wheeler - 10th SS - 7:54
Scott Simpson - 37th Open - 7:56 (First 100)

Scott and Adam post race:

My race in detail @ myblog.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mohican 100

This past weekend marked the third showing of PrecisionMTB at the always challenging Mohican 100. Contrary to the weather predictions, the weather held and course conditions were better than expected. The field was a 600+ record size and the competition was fierce as ever. Bryan Deal and Adam Wheeler took on the challenge and left with a few bumps and bruises, some good stories and a great sense of accomplishment. The Mohican course, post race party and event in general never fail to impress.

Team Results:
Adam Wheeler - 13th SS 100 mile
Bryan Deal - 209th Open 100k

Full Results

100 mile race report @ my blog

The Start. Photo Credits Ryan O'Dell &

Our Accommodations. Cozy Cabin #8 @ Mohican Adventures

Wheeler Post Race. Rumored to have required use of his bike as a crutch.

Thank you to all of our sponsor and families for making events like this possible.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hanson Hills XC 6/3/2012

It rained up north for three nights and two days, NON STOP. I woke up Sunday morning to overcast skies and most importantly no rain. I had a bike that wanted to be ridden so I went to Hanson, in a drizzle. I signed up 20 minutes prior to my start and rushed to change. First lap- 2nd place. Second lap- 2nd place. Third lap, one mile from the finish- NĂºmero UNO.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lumberjack 100 entry

I have a lumberjack 100 entry for sale.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mud, Sweat & Beers: Cinco De Mayo Edition

I had a few general ideas of the terrain going into this race but wasn't really certain what to expect. Yeah, it starts and ends at a ski hill so it should have been obvious to me some climbing was involved. I knew we'd race across some of the Vasa Pathway, a little Iceman terrain, and some high speed two-track too. None of this really sunk in until the morning of the event when I walked across the parking lot and found myself at the ski lodge overlooking the start/ finish line and the tents that were setup down below.

It was 8:50am and my always shorter than intentional pre-race warm-up ride was complete and I sat in staging listening to the announcer make the cattle calls for the rider waves. I found myself suddenly realizing that my current position was in the first wave of racers 3 rows back of the starting line surrounded by a respectable crew that all removed their helmets for the national anthem. My first experience being led out by 4-stroke dirt bikes was pretty cool to say the least; I could still hear them 4-5 miles into the race which was pretty amazing given the first climb is appropriately named Horsepower Hill. No doubt this hill seperated the 35 riders in my group and every wave thereafter. No time for recovery as we hit the pavement through a subdivision and began drafting. Back into the woods and there were already a few groups of riders split up and I hung off the back of two teammates working together. It wasn't long before I found myself on familiar ground riding the Vasa Pathway, in and out of marked trail and barely ridden singletrack, most of which I had explored before. These two would make some time on the flats and rollers while I would play catch-up on the climbs. We eventually collected another rider that was in front of us. I decided to do a bit of work and move toward the front of the group and set pace. Seems I surged too quickly and gapped them going into another section of singletrack and never looked back.

Within a couple miles I could catch glimpses of the next group in front of me. It very likely took me a couple more miles to catch them and it worked to my benefit when the group collectively blew a turn and one rider fell back. I sat back five or so bike lengths and watched as these two worked with and against each other. I didn't know it at the time but they were in the 19-29 age group. They finally realized I was lurking and it wasn't long before they seemed to get a bit nervous and change their strategy, so they dropped in line behind me. I tried to wave them by after some time but neither one wanted to be in front. As we came through the back of Timber Ridge campground off they went as my legs felt spent. Not wanting to waste all the effort I had put in I made some time back as we headed through Vasa again. Only a couple race miles were left and as we moved into the subdivision on our return to Mt. Holiday I made a little time back through the sweeping blacktop corners as the neighbors watched on sipping their cocktails and blaring mariachi music. Going down horsepower hill was a better experience but this is also where two-way race traffic exists for a couple hundred yards. I got stuck behind someone that had likely been in the 10-mile race going up a short sandy incline that robbed all my momentum and put a gap between me and the other two guys I was racing with that I never closed. With a really cool slalom gate arranged down the ski hill it was a quick skim across the mud put for the hecklers lined across the fence at the finish. I got 5th place in Expert 30-39 (first down state guy in my class) and my 1:26.07 time was good for somewhere around 15th overall. Great race and atmosphere. I'd like to thank my wife/ pit crew and wish her a happy 6th anniversary. Could have done without the rain but at least it held off until the racing was over as we celebrated with some TC friends after the race.

"Where's Wheeler?" asked Chrissy shortly after I finished. I spent countless hours at the beer tent, standing in line at each tap strewn across the area, frequently visiting Scotties Potties and texting a few people to get his number. I never located him, not even through my pint glass which I found the bottom of a few times. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stan's ZTR Crest Review

I want to start by saying that I could not be happier with my new Stan's wheels.  I was excited to pick them up so I could see how the gold Hope hubs and gold nipples were going to look.  Jimmie Colflesh built a solid set of wheels for me.  I got them and couldn't wait to slap on a set of rotors and some Stan's Sealant so I could see how they rolled. 

I was imediately impressed with how easy my tires inflated with Stan's rims.  I struggled in the past with inflating my Fast Track tires on my DT hoops.  No more white nuckles with the Stan's.  Both tires inflated instantly and sealed without leaks. 

Yankee Springs would be my first ride on these.  I can't believe what a difference a good set of wheels makes.  They feel solid underneath me as I roll over tree roots and navigate rocky sections.  My bike is noticeably lighter and the wheels spin up quicker than the stock DT set.  Overall I am so happy with the Stan's hoops that I hate to take them off!! 


Yankee TT 2012

Yankee TT is the first race of the MMBA Championship Point Series.  This year the registration was caped at 700.  I raced Sport 35-39 which had 40 entries.  This was large field compared to other CPS events.  Since the race is about 2.5 hours from home I decided to stay in Saugatuck, Mi.  Lisa and I were able to get a last minute room at a B&B.   The drive to Yankee Springs was only 45 minutes and I was able to get a good breakfast and great night sleep.  We got to Yankee about and hour before my start time so I could get ready with my 2012 Team Kit. 

My race began at 12:40 and I was off to a decent start.  I settled into a decent pace and seemed to have plenty of energy toward the end of the lap.  My goal was to finish with a better time than 2010 but I did not have an expectation in terms of a finishing position.  I wanted to use the race to gage my fitness and see where everyone else was.  The field was fast this year since the March weather allowed people to get out and ride early.  My finish was 23/40 with a time of 57:34.  I'm happy with the fact that my time was almost 4 minutes faster than 2012.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pontiac Lake TT 4/29/2012

Roger, Brandon and I raced the Pontiac TT today. Very dry and warm conditions which is unlike past years. We all rode well and had a good time. Congrat's to Roger on his 3rd place finish. Brandon put in a solid ride and I managed to limit self-inflicted damage by only making contact with one tree. Enjoyed a few laughs with Dave and John after they finished their loop on the tandom. Paynes Ti single speed is pretty trick. Overall a nice day to pedal a bike.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Team Kit

Here is our 2012 team kit from Louis Garneau. A big thanks to all of our sponsors. Without their help none of this would be possible.