Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M22 Challenge

John, Stevie D and I are back from our adventure and we all had a great time. CLICK ON BLOG TO VIEW PICTURES, THEY DON'T COME THROUGH VIA EMAIL.  None of us had done a multi discipline event before. I think we are all hooked. The M22 was a run/bike/paddle event. The terrible storm that woke us (see radar pics below) cleared at 7:15 and by race time not a drop of rain fell. First up was the 2.5 mile run including scaling the face of Sleeping Bear Dunes. Lets just say there was no running up that bad boy except for the very elite runners at the front of the pack. The run was the hardest segment for me. Excluding a 3 mile run about a year ago you have to go back to 8th grade cross country to find the last time I ran. It showed, Steve and John were patient but faster. We planned to stay together and for the most part we did. Managing transitions was new for all of us & we learned some tricks for next year to cut off some time. The bike segment was my favorite and by far the strongest for all of us. We pass an estimated 100+ bikes during the loop. The roads were still wet and some of the downhills were quite fast. Caution was the word of the day. The Kayak was the segment that surprised us all the most. Post race we learned the boat makes a big difference and many of the faster paddlers had "Sea Kayaks" some 18 ft long. One of the other B&B guests came in 3rd in the 60 and over category and his time was 10 minutes faster than ours. An 80 year old competed and finished the race! The Kayak was harder than any of us thought but we all finished. Post race was really fun just feeling the accomplishment of doing it. They had Moomers Ice Cream at the finish! YUMMY. We have reserved the cottage at the B&B for next year and hope to have friends join us. We have room for 2-3 more in our accommodations. It was great to get out of town and have fun racing. Sunday morning before we headed back the road out from the B&B and did the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in the National Park. It was KILLER. 40mph downhills and super steep climbs. Jeff & Katie were the inn keepers and the B&B and they were super cool. Katie fed us like kings and kept breakfast late for us when we were later returning from our ride. She is a chef and made everything from scratch including the pie crust in the Quiche Lorraine. Homemade granola, yogurt parfait, roasted potatoes, and cream cheese coffee cake, super yummy! FUN TIMES.


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