Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lumberjack 100

Well it's in the books. I completed my first 100 mile race on Saturday. I manage to struggle thorough and complete my first attempt at the Lumberjack 100. I had a good solid first lap and was on pace right where I wanted to be. I came to the pits after lap 1 feeling a little stiff but otherwise OK. My wife Tammy loosened my neck and help refill my bottles and food and sent me back out. About 10 miles in on the second lap my neck and shoulders were so tight I was ready to quit. I rode a bit with Tak (Trails Edge) and Rob (RBS) who helped me get through to the pits. Almost to the end of the second lap I lowered my seat a tad hoping to remove some of the stress off my neck. I headed into the pits 2 and was ready to quit. After Tammy massaged my neck and shoulders, took some Motrin and applied some Icy Hot I was ready for some more. Oh wait, the positive encouragement form Melissa, Jeff (Mom & Pop Racing), Justin(Team Tree Farm), and Kathy (Custer Cyclery) telling me not to quit I jumped back on the bike and headed for some more pain. I managed to struggle through and make it at 11:04. I was happy just to finish. Not where I wanted my time, but hey there is next year.

A big thanks to all of our local sponsors and a shout out to Stan's No Tubes and Kenda for rolling

me to the finish!!!

Great job to all those who came up for such a great event. See ya next year.

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