Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mud Sweat and Beers

The 2nd annual Mud Sweat and Beers took place this past weekend in Traverse City. This year's weather threatened to be a little chilly. Thankfully, despite and early 9am start time, things warmed up and even presented a chance to try out our new team shorts even. This year's course did not disappoint with the addition of a good deal of single track making it a legit 20 mile race. This course has become one of my personal favorites with the relentless climbs, white knuckle decents and lung burning flats offered by the Vasa Trail and surrounding area. "Sweat" is certainly not in short supply and this year was a mud spit was added just before the finish line to ensure that "Mud" was part of the equation. Post race activities were taken up a knotch from last year and plenty of Right Brain Brewery "Beers" were flowing. All said and done, this is certainly an event worth making the trip up north to attend.

PrecisionMTB Team Results:
Brian Deal        27th Expert 30-39
Adam Wheeler 15th Expert Single Speed


Photo courtesy of Joel Gaff

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Slant 6 Review

I finally got a chance to test out the Kenda Slant 6 2.2's yesterday at Maybury. Off the bike the wheels felt heavier than the Karmas I had used last season. On the trail I haven't noticed the weight difference but it was only my 2nd trail ride of the season. Cornering stability felt good in hard pack and loose terrain. Straight line performance was good too and overall they seem like a good tire. One thing I did notice is the sidewall seems to keep it's shape better then my previous tires when aggressively attacking corners, which is a good thing. As my conditioning increases I'll have a better idea of how these tires will perform under hard riding for extended periods.