Monday, September 27, 2010

Ronde Van Stony

It was as chilly start to the first Ronde Van Stony dirt/gravel road race in and around Stony Merto Park. Approx. 130 riders left the mass, rolling start. Body temps rose and numb fingers thawed as the race left the two tracks of the park and the never ending, relentless climbs begain. The course was in interesting mix of gravel two track, pavement, hills, hills and more hills. But, mostly consisted of pothole & washboard dotted, hard packed, dirt, roads with a handful of fun filled 30+ mph decents. The terrain gave MTB's the advantage is some areas and CX bikes in others. Pace lines crucial to success which had formed after the two track near the start, melted away once the groups hit the two track near then end of the race. Resulting in an "every man for himself" sprint to the finish. Overall, it was a great way to spend the morning. Hope to be back again next year.

Race Results
Age Group Results:
Tom Payne 6th Expert 30-39 1:44
Adam Wheeler 10th Expert 30-39 1:49
John Gonway 14th Expert 30-39 1:59
Jim Senska 3rd Sport 30-39 1:51
Brian Brown 9th Sport 30-39 2:06
Paul Mann 4th Sport 40-49 1:56
Tom Sterling 9th Sport 40-49 2:05

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