Monday, July 26, 2010

Tree Farm Relay

On Saturday I headed to the Novi Tree Farm for the Tree Farm Relay. We had three teams that were competing in this event. The day was filled with a mix of sun, clouds and lots of rain. The course was good at the start and got kinda muddy as the race went on. My team managed a 6th place finish in the sport men class despite a crash on had 2 miles into my lap. I was going down a hill a clipped a pedal that tossed me over the bars. I like to thank Jason Sparks from MTB Patrol for fixing me up while I waited for the Novi EMT's to check me out. I also found that I cracked my helmet in the crash too. I am glad it did its job. The other teams finished 3rd in sport men and 5th in the advanced men. All in all it was a good day. I can't wait for this event to come next year.

I also want to give the guys at Stan's Notubes a big thanks for getting me my new set of wheels for my 29er so that I could race my new bike this weekend.

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