Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Helluva of a Ride - July 10

Jim Senska and I headed out to Chelsea this past Saturday morning for the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society 'One Helluva Ride', with intentions of doing the century ride.  Spent some time the evening before getting the Kenda Kontender 700 x 26 tires on my bike... had worked on them Thursday evening, but didn't have any rim tape.

They rolled sweet for the ride.  The weather Saturday was great, and stayed nice (unlike the past two years with rain at some point in the day), though it did get a bit warm as the day went on.  So far so good at the first stop:

Not to long after the first stop, we joined a group of triathletes out getting some miles for their training.  Working with them, we were able to scorch through the first 52 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes (of riding time).  

Paul (orange & red shirt), Ben (light green shirt), and John (red shirt) Warning: Riding with JimS and serious triathletes can put the hurt on your legs (though to Ben's credit he never drafted).

The second half went pretty well for me, eventually Jim, Paul and John dropped me a ways after the 75 mile food and drink station.  I tried to keep my 5 hour of riding time goal within reach and kept at it, but my legs were feeling it.  The span between 85 and 90 miles was a slog... on the last jog north I was able to hook up with a crew who had passed me and that bit of drafting helped immensely.  Pulled into the fairgrounds with 101.4 miles in 5 hours 9 minutes... hit 100 miles in 5 hours and 5 minutes. 

Virtually a flawless day of great riding... thanks to Jim, Paul and John for a great group effort.  No mechanicals, good company and food, great weather.  

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  1. What better way to spend a hot summer day in mid-July than with AndyE chasing down roadies? The cycling gods were smiling down upon us this fine sunny day - everything worked out perfectly. Plenty of rest areas, plenty of drink and a great lunch spread. The riders we met along the way were fantastic.

    Obviously a FUN ride and I am doing it again. And let me tell you AndyE gutted out a STRONG effort. John, Paul, and Ben are training for Ironman triathlons later this year. He hung right with 'em virtually the whole ride.

    They were gassed at the end too. When I jokingly asked how far is the run towards the end of the ride - Paul said he had not planned on riding so hard. He was not gonna run - too tired. Me too - I slept quite soundly Sat night.

    Ride recommendation: YES