Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Friend

Here she is folks! After patiently waiting 3 months my new friend finally arrived. She sure is pretty but don't let that fool you. This bike is fast! After one ride I decided that I didn't have room for another so I have broken up with my Epic.
Many thanks to Jimmie for assembling my new ride! I swapped the cranks for the current XT, brakes for the real Elixer CR's with carbon blades and anodized red fittings, and shifters for X0 all from a pile of "new" parts that I took off the Kona I built last summer. She weighs 24.2 pounds and has a beautiful carbon fiber body but could lose a little weight. Jimmie also re-taped her wheels with some Stan's tape and converted her slippers to tubeless. She needs a PrecisionMTB tramp stamp!!!
Thanks to and to Jimmie Coleflesh.

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