Monday, June 28, 2010

Big M Weekend

On Saturday Bryan and I headed up to the Big M for Sunday's XC race. We got to the cabin unloaded our gear and headed over to the Big M for a pre-ride for Sunday's race. This was the first chance to ride my new 29er. Bryan was also getting his first taste of a 29er. When we got the Big M parking lot, we realized we left the keys to the rack on the back of the truck. I managed to get the lock open and got the bikes on the trail. We did a few laps and headed into town for a pizza. On our way back to the cabin we saw sign "Thule Keys Lost". We stopped and grabbed them and headed back to call it a night.

We woke up Sunday Morning to a Thunder Storm. Big M is a giant sponge so no big deal we thought. About 8:45 we headed over to the Big M. As we arrived it stopped raining. Bryan got his gear on and turned in a great 6th place performance in the Expert Men 30-39 group.

I then geared up and headed to the start line. It was starting to rain just as we were staging. Just sprinkles I thought. About 2.5mi in it started to pour. I finished lap 1 thinking it has to stop some time. Covered in mud I decided just to finish the race. It stopped raining at the end of lap 2. Lap 3 was better, but it was a struggle just to finish. I managed to make my way to 5th place and was very happy I made it to the end.

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