Saturday, May 22, 2010

Turning it up another notch;

A few months back I posted about my increased Winter training regimen and my commitment to making it to the gym 5 days a week. That went real well and I have witnesses. I lost a little weight and gained a ton of stamina and new strength in my legs. Thats the first winter I have been so dedicated in...., well never mind.

That said, this post is about my commitment to my equipment. Not that equipment Bryan. I'm talking about my new bike. Its a Niner EMD frame that I bought from Bikes in Town last year. Got it just in time. This spring I took it to our new shop sponsor and friends KLM Bikes in Rochester Hills. There through several consultations with Zach, Ryan and the rest of the staff were extremely helpful when ordering parts for this bike. They were able to recommend great parts and compatible components to match the frame. They treated me extremely fair and I really enjoy the casual atmosphere they have in that store.

Its set up as a 1x9 with a Niner Carbon fork(Godzilla Green which I love!), deore XT, Avid BB7 with Nokon cables. MRP chain guide. Race face evolve seat post and stem. I have ridden it a few times. The first time out I had the Stan's ZTR 355's on as tubeless and the bike just wanted to fly. The next few times I put the heavier rims on til I get used to all that down sizing.

Anyway, here is a pick of the bike in its glory.


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