Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stan's Wheels

We would like to thank all of the staff at Stan's NoTubes for once again supporting the crew for the 2010 season.

Here you will find the wheels set found on Brian's Giant Anthem X2

This wheel set was built with Stan's ZTR Crest Rims laced to their ZTR hubs with DT Swiss Super Comp spokes. The weight of this wheels set is quite amazing for the price. These came in a 1468g. Wheels come with the yellow tape and valve stem installed and ready to go. They also include a pair of Q/R skewers.

The rim used on this wheels set is the new Stan's ZTR Crest rim. This rim is a blend between the ZTR Race rim and the ZTR 355 rim. Thees rims are 559 x 21mm and have a published weight of 340g

This front wheel was built with a 9mm Q/R Stan's ZTR hub. This wheel weighs 684g. These hubs have sealed cartridge bearings and are convertible to 15mm with a quick change of the silver end caps.

The rear wheel is also built with the Stan's ZTR hub. This wheel weighs 784g. This hub also has sealed cartridge bearings and features a 3 pawl 30 point engagement an alloy freehub body. This is a very nice hub in this price point.

Here you will find that these wheels were wrapped with a new set of Kenda Karma 26 x 2.0 DTC tires. These tires were mounted tubeless with some Stan's sealant.

For more information on the products featured above. Please visit Stan's NoTubes , Kenda USA ,

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