Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Commuter: Giant TCR Advanced 2

It's here to make commuting a joy again. Not exactly what one thinks of when someone says commuter, but I kinda like it. Earlier reports had this bike weighing in over 16 pounds, but it appears that tales of its girth were exaggerated. Bike weight was originally calculated with the saddlebag bracket and water bottle cage-- how bush league!!! We are now comfortably under 16 pounds with grams to spare-- well, about 14 grams to spare!!! 15.97 pounds is the final verdict.

No name for her just yet, but standard issue name is the Giant TCR Advanced 2; Full Ultegra 6700, Ksyrium Elite Wheels, full specs here:

Check out the full frontal:

Black and white and grey and carbon goodness all over.

Check out how the seatpost is cut out for the wheel to slide underneath-- no fatties allowed here:

Massive bottom bracket juncture:

She wants to go fast!!!

I had been riding an early 1990s vintage Pinarello Montello for the last couple of years. Classic steel and really a thing of beauty, thanks to a good friend at my office. Jeff lent the bike to me because it was his backup bike (he has a newer Pinarello Opera). A great bike to be sure, but I needed some newer tech-- Campy downtube shifters are beautiful, but not the most functional.

Life is good; I gotta go ride. City limits for the first round? Ready, set, GO!!!!

1 comment:

  1. That thing is as much of a commuter as a ferrari.

    My TCX looks like your bike's ugly sister now.

    Love it.