Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekend Rides - March 6th & 7th

**** UPDATED****

March 6th & 7th Weekend Riding Plans (Lower Eastside):

When: Saturday, March 6th, 2pm
Where: Livonia (Nankin Mills, Lower Lot)
Tires: Road
Distance: 50+ Miles
Pace: Medium
Contact: Wheeler

When: Sunday, March 7th, 10am
Where: Westland, Nankin Mills, Lower Lot
Tires: Road
Distance: ~30 Miles
Pace: Easy
Contact: Wheeler

***Times subject to change due to weather and/or lack of interest. Check the team blog for updates.

For those with access, feel free to add to this posting with additional Westside, Lower & Upper Eastside riding plans.

FYI: Posting this direct from my email to the blog. Then hoping the routing Brian set up will notify all of the team members of the post. Should be pretty slick. Think near real-time race and event postings throughout the season.

I need some kind of a cool, inspirational slogan to stick at the end of my postings. Like "Keep the rubber side down", "Born to Ride", etc. Guess I'll work on that for the next post.

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  1. Success! But, I should have used a more specific title.

  2. Great rides this weekend with the exceptions of two flats on each of them.

    Sunday's ride.