Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MRP 1.X Chain Guide

I have taken the leap to 1x9 for the 2010 race season. I have chosen to not only take advantage of the simplicity of less shifting, but also about a 3/4lbs weight savings.

The parts I have chosen to complete my project came from MRP located in Grand Junction, CO. I'm using the 1.X Chain Guide and 36T Podium Chainring.

The MRP 1.x Guide, 36T Podium Chainring, and track bolts came in at 126g. The front shifter, derailleur, cable, triple chainrings, removed chain links and bolts weighed 473g. This change made a net change of 347g or 3/4lbs.

With all the parts installed My Specialized Epic tips the scale at 23lbs 12oz as pictured. I can't wait to get it out and begin the transition to a 1x9 drivetrain.