Monday, December 7, 2009

I am trying to turn it up a notch

Its really encouraging how many miles I have gotten on the bike since after Iceman. Most seasons I don't touch the bike between November and March. Fighting that seasonal disorder is really hard for me. The weather until just recentley has been great with no rain, sleat or snow. The temps in the last few days have been a bit nippy and I have been off work.
I just today signed up at LA Fitness mostly to take advantage of there spin classes. I have been there twice in the last four days and plan on making a ritual out of it in order to be ready for the 2010 season. I really want to strengthen my core and drop a few more pounds to be worthy of a certain light wieght frame I hope to be riding. Doing the classes is great! They are quick, intense and I can feel the results just by doing something slightly different. Afterwards I have been doing some super secret calastentics I learned from a Bruce Lee movie then I get the heck out of there before my family has a chance to miss me.
The 2010 season I hope to be a special one. It will be my last year in the category I have raced the last 3 years. I will either be moving up by age or skill level but it will be progress no doubt.

Good night!


  1. I'll see you tomorrow at 5:45am. I can only imagine the suffering I am about to endure. First spin class of the year is brutal.

  2. Its been almost two months since this original post so I thought I should update my progress. Spin classes are going great! I make at least 5 classes a week and about four of those days include runs on the treadmill. Lately Adam,Jim, Lee and I have been staying for "extra credit" and extending our time on the spin. Others in the class are following our lead and taking advantage of that energy.
    Two great events happened this week to increase my progress immensely. Monday after work and shoveling snow I went to Farmington Therapeutic Massage. I had Jamie work on my back and legs for a half hour. She worked on some spots in my back that had not been touched my whole life. The relief this massage gave me has changed my life. I have not felt as tired in the evenings and have been able to stay up at night past 9pm without effecting my early rising schedule.
    Another event is the "Biggest Loser" contest I am in at work now. This contest has helped me watch when and what I eat so that I weigh in on Friday mornings before breakfast in the HR office. The first week I was able to lose 6 pounds and was the biggest loser of that week. I really have never weighed myself and kept that close of details but this has changed all that. I have a scheduled weekly weigh in with the same scale every Friday til May 15th.
    These two events have given me the energy to progress through this next threshold.

    This is how my progress is going. Its kind of exciting for an old guy like me. I am really looking forward to this season.