Friday, November 20, 2009

What a year...

It's been a h*ll of a first season of racing for me. Cycling has for the most part, filled the large void in my life that running once filled. While I admit, I am not nearly as competitive or as gifted of a cyclist as I was once a runner, I am sure having a ton of fun. Given it's nearly Thanksgiving, I guess it's seems fitting that I say that I am thankful for finding the great group of individuals that make up the team. The team's camaraderie in, at and outside of races is second to none and I’ve been happy pad my Facebook friends list with many of the folks on the team.

Given my season last year consisted of only one and my first race, “The Iceman.” My only personal goals for the season were for the Iceman this year. Sad to say, I came close but, didn’t obtain either of them. While most of the people that know me and how much I’ve was riding during the season may not agree, it all came down to lack of conditioning. I simply didn’t have what I needed in the tank in the latter part of the race. Anita’s Hill emptied it and there wasn’t enough in the reserve. Not exactly the way I wanted to put an end to the season but, pretty positive for a guy that couldn’t seem to finish a race this year without flipping head first over his handlebars at least once and/or dropping his chain a few times.

While I am hoping to squeeze in a few rides before winter is upon us, my sights are turning to the off season. Like last year, I hope to start a regimen of roller riding, running and spin class. I am fairly certain that if I would have kept up the regimen I started last off season and simply replaced the roller riding, with morning rides on Hines, I would have had what it took to turn the time I was hoping for at Iceman this year. So it’s time to stop typing and get doing. As my high school track coach used to say “Training for next season started yesterday.”

Can't wait until next season,

Just CallMe Wheeler

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