Saturday, November 28, 2009

My trip to the Bloomer Velodrome

A few weeks back I went up to Bloomer to watch a Cross race. I had never been to Bloomer but had heard all about the Velodrome in the park and had always wanted to try it so I took two bikes. I was only there to spectate the CX race so I wanted to ride the trail and the track. I brought my fixey inside the car and my mtb on the rack. Once there I wanted to ask permission if needed so I went right to the track. There was one guy there on his track bike talking to a few people. I waited for a break in the conversation and asked, "Can I ride the track?". The guy said "I don't have any extra bikes.". I replied, "I have mine in the car.". He said, "Is it a fixed gear?", to which I said yes. I think he was trying to throw me some obstacles but I had come a long way and was ready. Then he said, "I'll need to to sign a waiver.". I said "No problem.". So I went with Jim and Matt and we rode the trail for about an hour.

Once back at the track I met Bruce Carleson the coach and director of the Velodrome. He turned out to be real cool and gave me some good pointers on the techniques and etticette of track riding. All of which I was ignorant. He gave me some advice before attacking the track and made me run some drills for him to judge the control I had on the bike. He pointed out the importance of a few warm up laps then also the cool down laps. I did a few laps on my own then we did some together while he was pointing out the needed adjustments in my posture and body positioning. We traded positions in the paceline which takes some special technique.

All in all it was a great experience that I have put off for a long time. I do not think I am ready to pursue racing in that genre of cycling. Its fun but it would take some serious concentration to avoid insanity after doing so many laps. I love the constant change of scenery in the woods and on the open road. As my coach Bruce would tell me; "Your a masher!". I guess mashing comes more with trail riding then track racing.

Matt's most recent video is more of the cross race but features some scenes from the track at the end. Enjoy!


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